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We offer 3 different packages to suit most of our client requests:

Package 1 ESSENCE: A soft refurbishment, including wall finishes, furniture and fixtures, with no walls demolition, and no pipework involved.

Package  INSPIRE:  If you are planning to evolve your property by demolishing some walls to generate a new space , or then “Package 2 INSPIRE” will suits you.

Package 3 UPLIFT: If you are planning to refurbish the property, including having bespoke joinery lika a kitchen or a full badrom, than Uplift will be your choice.

For bigger project we reserve a private appointment to discuss the opportunity in furhter details.

Yes, a professional floorplan is required. 
For minor updates to refresh the interiors, like the ESSENCE package, a professional floor plan with ceiling height, could be sufficient. Depends on project complexity and scale, an additional survey could be necessary.

However keep in mind that for major changes involving structural alterations or renovations, is a must. 

Surveys help designers understand the space, identify constraints and opportunities,  and create accurate plans and documentation. Ultimately, the decision to conduct a survey depends on project requirements and desired level of detail.

If you are a Developer or a Landlord with multiple units, we can propose different schemes or propose the same scheme within a number of variation in order to suit all the units.
This will help in keep consistency in the design language of your brand identity, and enhance the experience for your customer.
Contact us to evaluating with you the best option while containing the averall costs.

The interior design studio focuses on crafting exceptional interior spaces, and excels in designing F&B areas for public establishments and bespoke kitchens for residential projects. While we don’t handle the operational side, we can suggest Consultants for the kitchen side.

Yes, you can also book the Uplift package, or add a bespoke items as an “add-on” to your boundle. Our plans are flexible so you can compose the plan that fits your needs.

The process of composing a comprehensive interior design package entails initial consultation to understand client needs, conducting space surveys for accurate measurements, developing design concepts aligned with client visions, creating detailed floor plans and 3D renderings, selecting materials and bespoke items, estimating costs transparently, and presenting the finalized package for client approval.