Complementary Services

Flexibility and collaboration are the BabaLab keys to delivering the best project. Our Interior Design complementary services can be added to your package to meet your needs.​


These services can be added to your Interior Design, and Home Staging package.


We are precise and quick. This service is a one-off starting at 500£* a day survey service and within a week your floorplan with ceiling height indication will be ready for the design stage

Home staging

A comprehensive service for developers, investors, and homeowners, to maximise the value of the property. Our team will take care of the installation and the final touches to style your property. Visit the Home Staging page​

Garden Concept Design

This service can be applied for a max of 100sqm


Bring the design to life. Design & installation of bespoke items designed for you based on your request, carefully executed and detailed to sits your space *Might encompasses construction work.

Shopping assistant

We always suggest to go with our trusted supplier as we have already agreed to the best price for our projects. However if you prefere to purchase yourself, and want some assitance this is a complementary service that can be added at fixed rate

Essential Extra

This service will allow to add an extra room to your Essential plan


Our expert will be pleased to ensure your property is beautifully presented with furniture, lighting and fixture carefully installed

Final Picture

Professional photography for interiors. We also provide video walk-thru, and 3D scans.

Curtain & Blinds

We can help you with curtain blinds, sheer or film applications to ensure your privacy and light comfort will be at its best

*survey over 1300sqft have surcharge of 5p x sqft. Price may vary depends on London postcode

Strategic Branding

We help your business stand out among competitors creating cohesive strategies and solid assets, from marketing guidelines to the narrative that reflects your ethos and can resonate with your target audience

  • If your business is in retail or this service can be added to the Uplift package at half price.

Brand Identity

Our designer with their extensive knowledge of retail and brand standards, will develop a clear and consistent brand identity that reflects your unique values, personality, and target audience.
Ensure that your branding elements, such as logo, color palette, typography, and tone of voice, are cohesive across all touchpoints.

  • If your business is in retail or  F&B, this service can be added to all the packages with a  30% discount.

Interior Design Guidelines

We will work with you to create a brand asset that helps identify your business and aims to create extraordinary spaces and memorable connections with your clients and guests, thru a welcoming and visually appealing environment.
Our experience in retail and hospitality, combined with our understanding of operational requirements, ensures that your brand-standards are clearly defined so your partners can easily navigate the guidelines and be supported throughout the design process.

  • The Design guidelines usually includes 6 chapters that identifies the brand, the design directions, the design elements, and 1 or more areas depending on the project.